New Batch of Wacky Images from Mirror Mirror

Sebastian Saraceno, Joey Gnoffo, Ronald Lee Clark, Mark Povinelli, Danny Woodburn , Martin Klebba, Jordan Prentice and Armie Hammer in Mirror Mirror (2012) Movie Image

Ready for more wacky, colorful images from Tarsem Singh’s “Mirror Mirror”? Well you’re in luck, cause here’s a new batch of 30-plus images from the film. Check them out, won’t you?

When Snow White’s beauty wins the heart of the prince that she desperately pursues, the Queen banishes her to the forest, where a ravening man-eating beast hungrily awaits. Rescued by a band of diminutive highway robbers, Snow White grows into an indomitable young woman determined to take back her realm from the treacherous Queen. With the support of her subjects, she roars into action in an epic battle that blends spectacle, magic and contemporary humor.

Starring Lily Collins, Julia Roberts, Sean Bean, Armie Hammer, Nathan Lane, Mare Winningham, Michael Lerner, and goofing off in theaters everywhere March 30, 2012.

Four of the new images below. See the rest in our “Mirror Mirror” preview page.

Mark Povinelli, Martin Klebba, Jordan Prentice, Danny Woodburn, Ronald Lee Clark, Joey Gnoffo and Sebastian Saraceno in Mirror Mirror (2012) Movie Image

Michael Lerner, Kathleen Fee, Mare Winningham, Armie Hammer and Arthur Holden in Mirror Mirror (2012) Movie Image

Lily Collins, Nathan Lane and Julia Roberts in Mirror Mirror (2012) Movie Image

Nathan Lane and Julia Roberts in Mirror Mirror (2012) Movie Image