New Big Ass Spider Clip Definitely Won’t Cure Your Arachnophobia

Big Ass Spider (2013) Movie Image

Director Mike Mendez’s creature feature “Big Ass Spider” looks like a fun flick. It’s got spiders, humor, and judging from the clip embedded below, a heaping helping of icky gore. And while watching someone have their face melted off by spider venom certainly isn’t going to help you sleep at night, it’s definitely fun to watch. For some of us, anyway.

Mendez’s movie will debut as part of SXSW’s Midnighters series. In order to get everybody excited about the premiere, the powers that be have given us the clip you see below.

Check out the film’s official synopsis:

Surviving extermination by nuclear eradication, a horrible alien mutation in arachnid form is now growing at an exponential rate and making its way toward downtown Los Angeles. Hot on its spindly heels is a crack military unit with absolute authority, led by an obsessively driven commander and his beautiful but lethal sidekick. Unfortunately for them, this mutant spider has an array of deadly defenses including the ability to virtually disappear through camouflage. But the creature’s real adversary quickly turns out to be a hot-shot local exterminator armed only with cocky attitude, some fast one-liners and his homemade gadgets. Joining forces with the military team, this blue-collar hero sets out to exterminate what has now become a monstrous 10-story tall MEGA SPIDER.

When will the rest of the planet get to see “Big Ass Spider?” As soon as someone smart and intelligent and extremely good-looking decides to give the film a distribution deal. The new clip and the previously-released trailer can be found in the space provided below.

Via : Dread Central