New Clips from Public Enemies and Blood The Last Vampire

Two clips courtesy of Yahoo! Movies, the first one featuring an assault on John Dillinger’s safehouse by Christian Bale’s Melvin Purvis from Michael Mann’s “Public Enemies”. It’s a pretty wild and brutal minute long clip, featuring a ton of ammo and Tommy Gun action. Really cool stuff. The second clip is from Chris Nahon’s live-acton “Blood: The Last Vampire”, featuring Gianna Jun’s Saya taking on a vampire while hanging from a truck that’s about to plummet to its doom. I’m not so sure about the vampire. Also, I don’t recall the scene being in the original anime, but then again, it looks like they veered pretty heavily from it, so no surprises there.

Via Yahoo! Movies.

“Public Enemies”: Assault

“Blood: The Last Vampire”: Hanging