New Dark Knight Bootleg Trailer

Apparently last night a bunch of fanboys were running around the country following the Joker’s instructions via the “Dark Knight” viral site, and some of them ended up at a theater that was showing the latest trailer for the movie. And because these were such enterprising kids, they of course snapped the trailer with their cellphone. God bless cellpones and God bless movie fanboys who knows how to use them, I say. Head on below to see the new trailer for “The Dark Knight”, in all its unholy and crappy bootleg quality.

Hey, it may suck, but it’s still new, right?

Thanks to Dan for the heads up.


Ran across this over at, who seems to think they have spotted the first-ever appearance of Two-Face, aka Harvey Dent, in “The Dark Knight” via the trailer. Take a look at the screenshot below and tell me if you think that’s Two-Face or not:

Two FAce in The Dark Knight

Update 2

Warner has sent thousands of interns onto the Internet pulling the bootleg trailer from pretty much every video hosting site out there, but is still hosting it on their own site, and you can still see it there. CLICK HERE

Update: 4/30/08

Here’s a copy of the trailer that the Joker apparently “defaced”. Sigh. Just go along with it. (Seriously, you’d need to NOT have a life at all to run around town doing Warner’s bidding, but thank God for them, or we wouldn’t have this…)