New Daybreakers Trailer

daybreakers-trailerMost of the horror related to vampire movies is predicated upon the fact that their presence is sparse and unexpected so that they have to hide in the dark. Daybreakers is one of those rare moves that inverts the concept and creates a world filled with vampires. No longer do humans have strength in numbers. Instead, they are hunted, but they are a precious commodity, since they are farmed for their blood. In fact, one of the more amusing aspects of the trailer, which you can see below, is what appears to be a store front that sells blood like it’s ice cream.

I don’t know if the film will eventually work. A few years ago Daybreakers star Ethan Hawke noted that the film is an allegory about dwindling resources, yet also called it low art and silly. I assume he meant that in an amiable way, as such that it’s meant to be unpretentious and pure fun, since I don’t think he would trash his own film while working on it. Unpretentious and fun is pretty much how the film looks, so it might be worth a look when it comes out on January 8th, 2010.