New Documentary The Stunt Reveals What it’s Like to be a Stuntman in the Thai Film Industry

The Stunt (2013) Movie Poster

Any Asian film fan will tell you: it’s a tough job being a Thai stuntman. I mean, have you seen their movies? It’s insane the things these guys will do for the sake of the film. So what’s it like to be one of these crazy guys and gals? The new Thai documentary “The Stunt” from director Sathanapong Limwongthong means to answer that question.

But it’s not just about the stunts that they do onscreen. In fact, the trailer for “The Stunt” dives into some very serious issues about being a stuntman in Thailand.

“The STUNT” takes the audience behind the scenes and reveals the life and career of the stuntmen that risk their lives to bring thrills and excitement to the Thai Film Industry. Through conversations and interviews, we take a look at some of the most prominent Directors, Actors and of course, Stuntmen and see what they have to say about what they do, how they do it and get a better insight into the world of Action Filmmaking in Thai cinema.

The film features interviews with Panna Rittikrai, Seng Kawee, Pangrit Saengcha, Ant Vatcharachai, Kecha Jaika, Nhong N.T., Thep Baanrig, Nung Pradit, TIK Bigbrother, Nerun Sreesun, Prachya Pinkaew, Wych Kaosayananda, and Gary Daniels.

Thailand gets it January 20, 2013, but Stateside fans curious to get the nitty gritty on the Thai film industry’s stuntmen will have to wait for someone to import it or it lands on DVD.

In the meantime, you can keep track of the film on its Facebook page.

Via : Wise Kwai