New English Teaser Trailer for South Korean Disaster Flick The Tower

The Tower (2012) Movie Image

South Korea has been cranking out the big-budget disaster films like a country just discovering the genre for a few years now. We’ve seen killer monsters, killer tsunamis, and now, killer fire. The latest is Kim Ji-hoon’s “The Tower”, which harkens back to the type of big-scope disaster filmmaking that Hollywood used to love doing back in the ’70s with a huge ensemble cast. Judging by the new spiffy teaser trailer (with English subtitles) for the film, this thing looks expensive as hell. Luckily for the Koreans, their movies tend to cost less than Hollywood’s despite having almost the same level of quality. Check it out, check it outers.

At Tower Sky building, the super-luxurious landmark building complex, fire bursts out during a so-called White Christmas party. Fire started when the helicopters which supposed to sprinkle the snow above the building clashed. Firefighters are swiftly sent to save all the tenants and VIP guests in the building.

“The Tower” stars Sol Kyung-Gu, Kim Sang-Kyung, and Son Ye-Jin, and like the trailer says, is due Stateside sometime this Winter.