New Expendables Pic Reveals Stallone’s Gift for Making Friends

And then, er, shooting them, apparently. A new pic from Stallone’s testosterone-fest aka “The Expendables” via Empire. Says Stallone about what he’s going for with the movie (besides, you know, lots of explosions and bullet squids galore):

“What I wanted to do was just try to do something that is a little different. Today, technically, we’re incredibly gifted and versatile with CGI, and I wanted to do a film that was more about men, doing things that we did back in the 80s and 90s that were a little more mano a mano – actual, physical stunts. It’s also a story that isn’t super-gigantic; it’s almost a believable story. And the thing was to find certain personalities that never would have worked together normally and put them all together. It’s like the dream team. It just hasn’t been done. I guess it’s kinda like The Dirty Dozen, or one of those films that comes along every once in a while – like The Magnificent Seven – to try to take that old formula and move it into a modern era. We accomplished it; I’m very, very happy with the film.”

Sounds like a plan. Get expendable August 20, 2010.