New Extended Trailer and Poster for JCVD and Cung Le’s Dragon Eyes

Jean-Claude Van Damme and Cung Le in Dragon Eyes (2012) Movie Image

Check out a new extended trailer (almost 4 minutes long) and poster for the Jean-Claude Van Damme/Cung Le actioner “Dragon Eyes”. The film is from John Hyams, whose resume includes the JCVD films “Universal Soldier: Regeneration” and the upcoming “Universal Soldier: A New Dimension”. The film has been snapped up as part of After Dark Action’s upcoming theatrical line-up, which will include four other titles on the slate. Along with those other four titles, “Dragon Eyes” will be released theatrically as a commercial film festival in markets nationwide and on VOD on May 11 by the same folks behind the annual After Dark horror festival.

Welcome to St. Jude, a town where rival gangs rule the streets, where the chief of police is a cold-blooded killer, and where citizens have learned to keep their heads down. Then comes out-of-towner Ryan Hong. His vintage car attracts attention. His unbelievable marital arts skills cause a sensation. Sensing a human weapon, the rival gangs bid for Hong’s allegiance. But Hong is committed to honoring an old promise to a mentor he met in prison: that he will “do good” wherever possible. With a lethal combination of street smarts and martial arts, Hong vows to lift St. Jude’s citizens out of fear… even if he must turn into a one-man army to do it.

Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Cung Le and Peter Weller, and directed by John Hyams.

Dragon Eyes (2012) Movie Poster