New Extended Trailer for I am Number Four

A new and extended trailer for D.J. Caruso’s “I am Number Four” with a ton of new footage, including a new opening and more of Teresa Palmer walking in slow motion away from exploding buildings and other cool stuff that just looks incredibly so much cooler when it involves a hot blonde. Alex Pettyfer plays one of those “teenagers” who is way too old to still be playing High School teenagers in movies, which is in pretty ironic because he’s just 20.

Three are dead. Who is Number Four? D.J. Caruso (“Eagle Eye,” “Disturbia”) helms an action-packed thriller about an extraordinary teen, John Smith (Alex Pettyfer), who is a fugitive on the run from ruthless enemies sent to destroy him. Changing his identity, moving from town to town with his guardian Henri (Timothy Olyphant), John is always the new kid with no ties to his past. In the small Ohio town he now calls home, John encounters unexpected, life-changing events–his first love (Dianna Agron), powerful new abilities and a connection to the others who share his incredible destiny.

Starring Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant, Teresa Palmer, Dianna Agron, Kevin Durand, Callan McAuliffe and directed by D.J. Caruso.

Unleash your glowing light thingies February 18, 2011.

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