New Gallery Additions: Max Payne, W., Quarantine, Notorious, Body of Lies, Defiance, Eagle Eye

A gaggle of new movie promos added to their respective movie galleries in the last few weeks that we didn’t see fit to tell you about until now. Why? Because that’s just how we roll. The newbies include: more of Marky Mark noir posing in “Max Payne”, Jennifer Carpenter’s horror remake aka zombies in an apartment complex movie “Quarantine”, George Bush being all George Bushy in Oliver Stone’s “W.”, early promos from the Notorious B.I.G. biopic “Notorious”, more from Russell Crowe and Leo in “Body of Lies”, some more looks at Daniel Craig’s “other” big movie of 2008 “Defiance”, and just in case you haven’t gotten enough eyefuls of “Eagle Eye” yet, there are more pics in that movie gallery, too.

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Max Payne

Quarantine Movie Image

Oliver Stone's W

Notorious Movie

Body of Lies

Defiance Movie

Eagle Eye Movie