New Gallery Additions: Twilight, Watchmen, The International, The Good The Bad and The Weird, Bedtime Stories

New gallery additions for ya today: more “Twilight” pictures, because what would a gallery addition entry be without new “Twilight” pictures for all those vampire-lovin’ kids out there? Also, remember those character posters that Warner Bros. released for “Watchmen” a few days back? Well, we have the high-res versions of those now in our “Watchmen” gallery. And hey, what’s this? Oh look, it’s more pictures from the Clive Owen political thriller “The International”, featuring Clive doing stuff like running around. Action-packly, of course. Finally, an English/International poster for the Korean Western “The Good, The Bad, and the Weird” looks pretty spiffy.

In the new gallery area, we’ve put up a new listing and a movie gallery for Adam Sandler’s latest comedy, “Bedtime Stories”, which has Sandler playing an idiot that stupid things happen to. You know, the usual Sandler comedy. Keri Russell and Lucy Lawless comes along for the laughs in this one.

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