New Hancock Images and Trailer

It’s hard to believe that Peter Berg’s “Hancock” didn’t start out life as a comic book, because it has the potential of being the best comic book movie of the summer. Okay, so maybe it’s got its work cut out for it, in a Summer full of big-time comic book movies like some guy in a bat costume and some fellow in a red suit of armor. Still, I don’t know who is cutting these trailers for “Hancock”, but every subsequent trailer I’ve seen for the film just keeps getting better and better, including this one. Here’s the latest, which comes with some brand spanking new images.

Also, is it just me, or does this latest trailer show more of Charlize Theron? As anyone who has read spoilers for the movie knows, Charlize ends up being a very, VERY big part of the movie. And Hancock’s life, as it turns out.

New trailer and images from Yahoo! Movies:

One of the new images from the movie (see the rest, which has been added to our “Hancock” movie images gallery):

Hancock Images