New Image From Red State

I used to like Kevin Smith movies, I really did. To this day I still quote “Mallrats” more than anyone should, but the days where I get excited for a Kevin Smith film have come and gone. “Cop Out” saw to that. That movie fucking sucked.

Smith himself twittered the first picture from the set of his latest movie, “Red State”. The movie is a horror tale about a bunch of weird kids who have an unpleasant encounter with a fundamentalist preacher based on notorious extremist Fred Phelps, you know, the “God Hates Fags” guy. Phelps also really hates Sweden and was an ardent supporter of Saddam Hussein’s regime.

The photo is taken from behind the head of a piano player looking out at what one assumes is the congregation of the church. Beyond that it doesn’t offer a lot of information about the movie.

“Red State” stars Michael Parks, Melissa Leo, Kevin Pollack, Stephen Root, Michael Angarano, and John Goodman. While my expectations have been tempered by recent disappointments, I’ll still watch anything with John Goodman.