New Images for J. Edgar, Extremely Loud, Amazing Spider-Man, and Harold and Kumar

Monday is new images day, so here are some new images for ya.

First up, your first hi-res looks at Leonardo DiCaprio and Naomi Watts in Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar Hoover biopic, “J. Edgar”, due out this November 9th. That Clint, he works real fast.

[click on the images to enlarge]

Because you kids love those pot-smoking rascals Harold and Kumar so much, they’ve made yet another movie, this one a Christmas-themed episode. I suspect some pot smoking will be partaken. I could be wrong, of course. The boys and their buddy NPH returns November 4th.

Tom Hanks returns to melt your heart in the drama “Extremely Loud and Close”. Here’s hoping more people see it than his last melt your heart drama “Larry Crowne”. Sandra Bullock, not pictured, co-stars in the January 2012 film.

And for those who might have missed it, we’ve added some new images to our “The Amazing Spider-Man” gallery. Take a gander at the 2012 flick from director Marc Webb below.