New Images from Christopher Smith’s Black Death

According to, Christopher Smith’s medieval Black Plague flick “Black Death” is scheduled to land on Video On Demand February 4, 2011, and a DVD release sometime around that date, I presume. No word on a theatrical release date, though, and one is probably not forthcoming anytime soon in all likelihood. In the meantime, here are some new images from the movie.

With Medieval England having fallen under the shadow of the Black Death, a young monk called Osmund (Eddie Redmayne) is charged with leading fearsome knight Ulric (Sean Bean) and his group of mercenaries to a remote marsh. Their quest is to hunt down a necromancer — someone able to bring the dead back to life. Torn between his love of God and the love of a young woman, Osmund discovers the necromancer, a mysterious beauty called Langiva (Carice van Houten). After Langiva reveals her Satanic identity and offers Osmund his hearts desire, the horror of his real journey begins.

Starring Sean Bean, Carice van Houten, Eddie Redmayne, Kimberley Nixon, David Warner, Tim McInnerny, John Lynch, Andy Nyman, Johnny Harris, Emun Elliott and directed by Christopher Smith.

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