Character Posters and New Images from Donnie Yen’s Painted Skin

The more I see of Donnie Yen’s latest “Painted Skin”, the more it’s looking more like those ’80s Category III Hong Kong movies — a lot of skin, bad simulated sex, and loads of pseudo horror that relies more on gore to shock than anything actually, you know, scary. Now there is nothing wrong with that combo, and indeed, it’s a great deal of fun on a Saturday night when one finds oneself dateless (which, ahem, has never happened to me, of course). Here are some more character posters and images from the movie, which sees a female vampire-like chick doing vampire-like stuff to people, and Donnie Yen in a suit of armor with a big weapon, presumably to hack said chick’s head off. Presumably.

Via 24Framespersecond, who links to another site that has more images that reveals more of the movie. Unfortunately the images aren’t the best quality, there are some good ones, but overall, they kinda looked like someone snapped them from a TV screen with a digital camera. You can see them for yourself here.

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Painted Skin Movie