New Images from Southland Tales

To be honest with you, I was beginning to think that Richard Kelly’s oft-talked about, but rarely seen “Southland Tales” was one big joke, a sort of viral marketing campaign gone horribly, horribly wrong. When was this movie scheduled to hit, 10 years ago? Well get ready, because it’s coming soon — maybe. Either way, images from the film have begun to show up on the net, including the two below of a sexy Bai Ling and an arrested (so to speak) Seann William Scott. No signs of The Rock or Sarah Michelle Gellar, who plays a porn star, though, which is a shame.

In any case, here are news about the upcoming trailer.

Richard has confirmed that the trailer will appear the first week of September both online and on television (not necessarily in the theaters yet). I don’t however know the specific details, only that it’s coming the first week. In addition to that exciting news, a few photos have appeared online that feature some of the newly finished special effects shots from the film.

Yeah, right. I’ll believe it when I see it, Richie Rich.

Images from Southland Tales

Images from Southland Tales