New Images from The Town, Machete, and The Social Network

Three batch of new images for ya today, one from Ben Affleck’s impressive looking crime flick “The Town”, which, let’s face it, promises to have one of those very bleak, very tragic endings. On the other end of the spectrum is Robert Rodriguez’s “Machete”, which is one of those outrageously unrealistic films where happy endings aren’t just assumed, but prety much guaranteed. Otherwise, what’s the point? The “Machete” images were previously released as “lobby cards”, so you’ve essentially seen them all before which makes them, well, not really new. Anyways. The third group is from David Fincher’s “The Social Network”. Thrill at the sight of college kids doing computer programming and going to neon-lit clubs!

Three of the new “The Town” images below. See the rest in our “The Town” preview page.


Three of the new “Machete” images below. See the rest in our “Machete” preview page.


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