New Images From The Walking Dead Season 2 Premiere Episode

Andrew Lincoln and Jon Bernthal in The Walking Dead Season 2

Remember when “The Walking Dead” season 1 ended and everyone went nuts wondering what they were going to do until Season 2 showed up? Well, Season 2 is here (didn’t seem like it was all that long a wait, was it?), and will be munching on audiences once again this Sunday on AMC.

In honor of that, the network has released more new images from the upcoming Season 2 premiere episode, “What Lies Ahead”, which takes place immediately after the hubbub at the CDC center. You know, that big ol place that went kaboom at the end of Season 1?

All the gang is back, including Andrew Lincoln as quick-draw deputy Rick Grimes, Sarah Wayne Callies as his wife Lori, and Jon Bernthal as his buddy/wife’s secret lover Shane. Oh yes, things are about to get mighty complicated in this here land of the living dead…

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