New Images: Green Lantern, Straw Dogs, and The Debt

Like new stuff? Like new images and posters for upcoming movies? Man, it’s a good thing you’re reading a movie site, huh? Anyhoo. Check out new posters for “The Debt” and “Green Lantern” and new images for the remake of “Straw Dogs”.

Up first, Ryan Reynolds’ “Green Lantern” gets a new poster featuring human villain Hector Hammond, played by Peter Sarsgaard, courtesy of the movie’s Facebook page. Hammond is the human villain because the non-human villain is that yellow cloud thing that eats planets, apparently.

Ryan Reynolds saves the universe June 17, 2011.


Not to be outdone, Sam Worthington’s delayed “The Debt” finally gets itself a swanky poster, featuring Helen Mirren much more prominently. Good idea — I don’t think Sam Worthington packs them in like they used to. If, you know, he ever did.

The spy flick opens August 31, 2011.


And finally, Rod Lurie’s “Straw Dogs” remake gets three new images courtesy of Yahoo, featuring leads James Marsden and Kate Bosworth as a city couple who finds that the “good ol boys” back home ain’t so goo after all. “True Blood’s” Alexander Skarsgård plays the less gooder one of them all.

Terrorizing them city folks September 16, 2011.