New Images: Prince of Persia, The Box, Iron Man 2

Two new images for the weekend, one is the official first still of Jake Gyllenhaal as the “Prince of Persia” (I have to admit, I didn’t think he was right for the role, but the more I see of him in the costume, the more I think it was inspired casting) from EW (destined to be swap with a better, high-res version in the near future), and the final poster for Richard Kelly’s “The Box”, staring Cameron Diaz and a pimped out box that can grant wishes, if only you’ll press it. Press the box already! Press it now! Ahem. Cameron Diaz is apparently such a draw for the movie that her name comes even before the title. Plus, her head dwarfs her two male co-stars, thus reaffirming the superiority of The Diaz Clout. And from ComicBookMovies comes a couple of scans from that Entertainment Weekly issue featuring the cast of “Iron Man 2” on the cover.