New Incredible Hulk 2 Poster?

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Is this the new poster for the Edward Norton “Incredible Hulk” reboot/sequel/whatever of the Ang Lee original? Maybe, maybe not. I include the question mark because, let’s face it, I’ve been burned plenty by fake posters, and I ain’t gonna take any chances. Anyhoo, this latest “new” poster for “The Incredible Hulk” (thumbnail to your left, bigger version below) comes to us courtesy of ReelComix, who doesn’t exactly source a very credible source, thus the question mark in the post title.


From Imageshack comes a new poster for Hulk 2. Check it out below. I really dig it. Earlier you will recall a scooper told us that the new movie will be not a reboot. The movie is in fact based 5 years after the first one and is a continuation of the story only with Edward Norton as the EMO looking Hulk.

He also goes on to unnecessarily bash the Ang Lee original, but that’s predictably boring, so whatever.

New Incredible Hulk 2 Poster?

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