New Iron Man Pics Blow’em Up Real Good

A fresh batch of “Iron Man” pics have showed up online, although I’m not sure how long these will last before the original site, Superhero Hype gets a kind letter from Paramount threatening to sue them if they don’t remove the pics. After all, Paramount didn’t go through the trouble of stamping those huge “Paramount” logos all over the pics for nothing, you know. But hey, as long as they’re still here, enjoy them and join us in eagerly awaiting for Jon Favreau’s movie to finally come out and show the world how comic book movies should be done. Are you listening, guy who did “Fantastic Four” franchise?

“Iron Man” opens May 2, 2008.


Instead of waiting for Paramount to send me a letter threatening to sue me unless I remove the “Iron Man” pics (they’ve already asked other sites to take them down), I’m going to beat them to the punch and remove the pics first (take that, Paramount!), and tell you to go here to see them (if they’re still up by the time you read this.)

Iron Man