New Iron Man Poster Cometh

It’s nothing new, basically what you’ve already seen before, but with the addition of the Iron Man logo and some CGI background in. I like it. It’s simple, cool, geeky, and shows off the armor very well. The live-action “Iron Man” will star Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, billionaire playboy and industrialist who fights crime by night as the Invincible Iron Man. Well, actually, he fights crime in the day, too, but the other thing just sounded better.

Tony Stark, a billionaire industrialist and inventor, is kidnapped and forced by his captors to design and build a weapon. Secretly, Stark instead creates a mechanized suit of armor and escapes. Returning to the U.S., he discovers a dangerous plot and becomes Iron Man to stop it.

Directed by Jon Favreau (“Zathura”), “Iron Man” is scheduled for a May 2008 release.