New John Rambo and I am Legend Trailers

A couple of new trailers have hit the net — one for Rambo’s latest outing, “John Rambo” (or “Rambo to Hell and Back” or whatever it’s called now), and the other for Will Smith’s “I am Legend”. The Rambo one is below. It’s less violent than the previous ones we’ve seen, no splattering body parts and no intestines flopping all over the place. The “I am Legend” one I really like. I was a little bit worried that they might be moving away from the original novel, but Smith is playing Neville as such a desperate paranoid that I think there is a good chance they may (and I stress this, may) go with the novel’s original ending. I wouldn’t put money on it, but they may… One thin you can count on — they’re showing the vampires in this new trailer, and they look like, um, mole people? Or at least, very fleshly looking ghoul things.

Here’s the new John Rambo trailer:

The new “I am Legend” trailer: