New Judge-y Images from the Judge Dredd Reboot – UPDATED

Judging the scum of the future has never looked as good as Olivia Thirlby suiting up as Cassandra Anderson. Check out some new, admittedly low-res images from the Karl Urban-fronted “Dredd” that have appeared in the recent pages of Empire Magazine. We would have liked to see these in higher resolution? Yes. And I’d like to be dating Brooklyn Decker now, too, but that’s not gonna happen.

Directed by Pete Travis, “Dredd” will star Urban as the meanest lawman of them all, the titular Judge Dredd, with Thirlby playing his psychic partner. Together, the duo confront the menace of Lena Headey as the drug-pushing Mama. No signs of Headey in these pics, alas.

Via Quiet Earth / Update: SuperheroHype has added more pics from the Empire issue, including our first look at Lena Headey as the baddie Mama.