New Line Cinema is Still Serious About Making Y: The Last Man Apparently

Y The Last Man Comic BookY has not had an easy road to the big screen. Y, you ask? I don’t know, just ’cause, I guess. Hey, compared to getting a big-studio Hollywood movie made, being the last man on Earth is a cinch!

But perhaps Y’s time has come — Vulture reports that New Line Cinema is currently very keen on a new script from “Jericho” writers Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia. So much so that they’ve made making the movie a top priority, and as a result have begun taking meetings with potential directors for the project.

As you’ll recall, an adaptation of Brian K. Vaughn’s “Y: The Last Man” comic book series has been around for a while now, with D.J. Caruso previously attached. Caruso was supposed to helm the sci-fi actioner, while his “Disturbia” star Shia LaBeouf would play Yorick Brown, an amateur escape artist/slacker who finds himself the only man still alive in the whole wide world after a virus simultaneously kills everything with the Y chromosome. The survivors of this apocalypse include Yorick, his monkey, and every female on Earth.

Of course, I wouldn’t get too excited about this news. New Line Cinema has been keen to make “Y: The Last Man” for a while now, with plenty of writers taking their shots at it, and nothing’s come of it yet. In fact, the closest you might get to a “Y: The Last Man” film is this groovy short film by Christian Cardona, starring Travis Quentin Young as Y: