New Lobby Cards For Hobo With A Shotgun

Even though I’ve seen the trailer a dozen times, and read all of the news about the film, part of me still finds it difficult to believe that Jason Eisener’s “Hobo With A Shotgun” is actually happening. This is one of those ideas you kick around with your buddies, saying things like, “How rad would it be if someone made a movie called “Hobo With A Shotgun” that was just about a hobo with a shotgun?” They made this into a movie, and I commend them for that.

Based on a trailer Eisener made for a competition that accompanied the release of “Grindhouse”, “Hobo” stars the increasingly grizzled Rutger Hauer as the eponymous hobo, on a vigilante mission with his handy-dandy, pump-action 12-guage. Sales company TF1 has prepared a series of lobby cards for the film, with the slogan “Delivering Justice, One Shell at a Time”, and here they are, via Twitch.

I can hardly wait.

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