New Batch of Book of Eli Images

When Denzel Washington’s “Book of Eli” opens January 15, 2010, I’m pretty sure I’m going to enjoy it. Then again, give me a post-apocalyptic landscape, throw in swords, roving marauders, and balls-out action, and I’m usually a happy camper. Check out a new batch of images from the movie, starring Denzel as a loner who must fight his way across America in order to protect a sacred book that holds the secrets to saving humankind. Out to stop him is Gary Oldman, playing a pimped out Warlord, and Mila Kunis as Solara, who may or may not be trying to trick Eli out of his book. Also in the cast, Jennifer Beals, Michael Gambon, Tom Waits, and the always delightfully eccentric Malcolm McDowell.

Directed by the brothers Hughes.

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