New Modern Warfare 2 Trailer: Infamy

Infinity Ward has released a new trailer for their upcoming game “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” titled “Infamy”. I love the music, and wonder if it’s one of Hans Zimmer’s, the movie composer responsible for gems like “Gladiator” and a ton of other memorable soundtracks. Zimmer was hired for MW2, but I don’t know if the trailer music is also his. Whoever did it, it rocks.

And the gameplay they show ain’t bad, either. (Boating?) MW2 lands in store shelves November 10th. Of course, if you were a real fan of the game, you would have pre-ordered your copy from Amazon, got the Prime service, and will have it shipped to you before November 10th so you could have it exactly on November 10th, all without ever having left your apartment, home, or basement. Which would make you kind of a shut-in, but, um, don’t tell anyone.