New Movie Posters: Wanted, Pathology, the Gene Generation

Five new movie posters for your perusal pleasure today. Three new posters for the Angelina Jolie-James McAvoy action flick “Wanted” from Russia, a new poster for Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia’s horror/thriller “Pathology”, and finally, a poster for Bai Ling’s latest, a low/moderate sci-fi actioner called “The Gene Generation”. Yes, it’s true, Bai Ling has stopped being skanky for the cameras just long enough to star in a brand new movie. Go figure.

Posters via ImpAwards.

“Wanted” Russian posters — click on the pic for the rest.
Wanted Russian Poster

“The Gene Generaton”:
The Gene Generation

“Pathology” new poster:
Pathology New Poster