New Mummy 3 Images and Trailer

I am an unabashed fan of the “Mummy” franchise. Yes, I even liked “The Scorpion King”. Sorta. Well, not really, it had potential but really didn’t do much with it. The two “Mummy” films were good, in a munching popcorn entertainment sort of way. The first one in particular seemed to be trying to (and I think for the most part succeeded) in capturing the magic of the old days of adventure serials, which I assume was what original director Stephen Sommers was going for. “Mummy 2” was a bit long and derivative, but still fun. And from everything I’ve seen of the latest “Mummy”, “Tomb of the Dragon Emperor”, it looks to fall right in line with the previous two films.

And come on, Jet Li as the bad guy, sporting that wicked facial hair. You gotta love that, if nothing else, because you probably won’t see it again.

So the storyline? Since the last time we caught up with Rick and Evie O’Connell, their kid Alex has grown up into a man who has followed in mommy and daddy’s tomb raiding ways. (Imagine trying to break that to your girlfriends: “I, uh, do what my parents do; we sort of break into dead people’s houses.”) This includes waking up the Dragon Emperor (Jet Li), who was a really bad dude 2000 years ago. Now awakened and apparently suffering from grouchiness, the Emperor seeks to reclaim his glory and throne and three-headed dragon. Yes, I said three-headed dragon.

Good times, good times…

Starring Brendan Fraser, Jet Li, Maria Bello, John Hannah, Luke Ford, Michelle Yeoh, Russell Wong, and Isabella Leong, and directed by Rob Cohen.

Cry home to mummy August 1st.

Higher-res version of the same trailer below here. Yes, that is a site for Papa John’s pizza. And no, I don’t know what the hell pizza has to do with mummies. Just go along with it and stop asking so many damn questions!

[flv:/media/mummy-dragon-emperor-trailer-2.flv 480 360]

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