New on DVD: Nip/Tuck – The Complete Series Box Set

Before he made drama geeks popular with Fox’s “Glee”, Ryan Murphy was turning viewers on (and for some, off) with the delightfully nasty (and obsessively watchable) “Nip/Tuck” on the FX Channel. Pretty boy surgeons Sean and Christian, beautiful doctors tending to beautiful people obsessed with being even more beautiful (starting to see a pattern here?) have since closed up shop after six seasons, but the series will be available on DVD November 2, 2010 in one complete box set from Warner Home Video.

Hotshot plastic surgeons Dr. Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) and Dr. Christian Troy (Julian McMahon) experience full-blown midlife crises as they confront career, family and romance problems over six seasons of this groundbreaking series. Set first in South Miami Beach and later moving to L.A., these cutting-edge stories range from funny to suspenseful to uncommonly powerful. Surgeries are graphically bold. Sexuality is rampant. Guest stars who go under the knife include Rosie O’Donnell, Joan Rivers, Kathleen Turner and Larry Hagman, among others. From Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy, Nip/Tuck is a prescription for entertainment unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

“Nip/Tuck” is one of those shows you saw once and loved, and tuned in obsessively as a result, or you made a face and never came back. It’s definitely “outside the box”, and pushed as much of the envelope as it could for six seasons on FX. (If you didn’t feel a little queasy during some of those surgery scenes, I don’t wanna meet you in a dark alley.) It also paved the way for a lot of the cable net’s other shows in terms of what they could and couldn’t do; basically, “Nip/Tuck” expanded the envelope so much in terms of sex, drugs, and “medicine”, anything that came after it probably looked tame by comparison.

You couldn’t find a better duo than Julian McMahon and Dylan Walsh to front such a game-changing show. No doubt it probably helps that they weren’t household names when the show started, especially given the scenarios they usually found themselves in. A more well-known actor might have balked at some of the more, shall we say, questionable things Sean and Christian had to do for the sake of art, on and off the show.

The men are fantastically supported by the women, most notably the lovely Joely Richardson as Sean’s long-suffering wife. (Richardson scored two Golden Globes nominations for her work in the show’s first two seasons.) Not to be outdone, the scorching hot Kelly Carlson (oh, if only the FX was HBO…sigh), Valerie Cruz, and a sexed-up Jessalyn Gilsig filled out the show nicely. Famke Janssen did a stint in Season 2, and Rhona Mitra and Paula Marshall also checked in. The inspired casting culminated with the addition of Rosie O’Donnell after the show relocated to L.A. in Season 4. Other prominent spots included Sharon Gless like you’ve never seen her before (especially for you “Burn Notice” fans out there) and (duh!) Joan Rivers.

Highlights from the series include the boys being forced to harvest drugs from mangled breast implants by a Colombian drug lord, Christian’s “baby issues”, and oh yes, essentially anything involving Kelly Carlson with or without clothes. Plus, Kelly Carlson and Rhona Mitra in the same room is, uh, kinda awesome, too.

“Nip/Tuck” is definitely one of those shows that just needs to be seen, because it’s such a hard show to describe, as anything you can come up with probably won’t do it a whole lot of justice. I’ll close things off with this: If you’re in the mood to see something new, something different and more importantly out of your comfort zone, give “Nip/Tuck” a spin. Who knows, you might not be able to help yourself and end up coming back for more.

The complete series box set comes with the show’s entire six-year run, which translates to exactly 100 episodes in six individual disc sets, each with their own sets of special features. The box is essentially, well, a box. It’s actually quite nice (see the pics below), and dare I say it, sterile and elegant in a “Nip/Tuck” sort of way. In total, there are 35 whopping discs of one of the best shows on TV to plow through, forever preserved in one nice, gleaming box for your viewing pleasure.

The complete series will be available from Warner Home Video on November 2, 2010. Grab your copy now.