New on DVD: Young Justice – Dangerous Secrets

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You could go mad trying to collect all of “Young Justice” on DVD. Warner Home Video had previously released the show’s Season 1 in chunks of 4 episodes, but with “Dangerous Secrets” they’ve collected a whopping 14 episodes on two discs. All 14 episodes hail from the second half of “Young Justice’s” Season 1, starting with the episode “Alpha Male” and ending with the Season 1 finale, “Auld Acquaintance”.

Back for another round Robin, Superboy, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Miss Martian and Artemis band together to rid the world of evil and prove they’re not just kids anymore. Between attacks from the magical deviant and Lord of Chaos Klarion, and threats from the newly formed Injustice League, the crew has their work cut out for them as they travel the globe maintaining justice. With the possibility of a traitor within the group and the absence of the Justice League, the group turns their attention on each other, coming together, and proving they have what it takes to truly be called superheroes!

Disc 1 contains the episodes “Alpha Male”, “Revelation”, “Humanity”, “Failsafe”, “Disordered”, “Secrets”, and “Misplaced”, while Disc 2 contains “Coldhearted”, “Image”, “Agendas”, “Insecurity”, “Performance”, “Usual Suspects”, and “Auld Acquaintence”.

Lex Luthor and Superboy in Young Justice - Agendas

“Alpha Male” finds the team in disarray after Aqualad’s secret is revealed, resulting in the others questioning his leadership. But that’ll have to wait when Batman sends the kids after killer animals in India, with Captain Marvel tagging along as the “grown up” supervisor. It leads into … “Revelation”, a nice halfway point for the show’s previous episodes, with the oh-so-D.C. Injustice League making their move. Consisting of Batman’s nemesis The Joker (voiced by “Star Trek: The Next Generation’s” Brent Spiner, who leaves you wishing Mark Hamill was back) and Poison Ivy, Black Adam, and a half dozen others, the supervillains demand a ransom from the world Governments or suffer the wrath of giant, well, plant-like monstrosities stomping through their cities. While the kids are dealing with the Injustice League, the actual Justice League, along with seemingly every superhero in the D.C. universe, show up to do battle with, well, giant plants in their respective cities.

Other highlights on Disc 1 include the alien invasion episode “Fail Safe”, the Superboy-centric “Disordered” (which features the New Gods), and the Halloween-themed “Secrets”. Disc 2 highlights include “Agendas”, which finds Superboy back at Project Cadmus (and going up against a certain bald guy in a suit), Sportsmaster returns in “Insecurity”, and “Performance”, which has the team going under cover at a circus as … The Daring Dangers! Of course, it all leads into the season 1 finale, “Auld Acquaintance”, which wraps up the entire Season 1 “secret society” storyline and has the team going in search of their old buddy Red Arrow while trying to survive the combined might of a compromised Justice League. Basically, the sidekicks have to take down their idols. That’s a lot to deal with for a bunch of kids!

Lex Luthor and Vandal Savage in Young Justice

The 2-disc set includes bonus content on the second disc, which includes a “Young Justice” digital comic book (for those of you who enjoy reading your comics on a computer; not that big of a stretch in today’s ebook world, ironically enough), and previews for the new “Thundercats” TV show, the “LEGO Batman” game, and a pair of previews for two Cartoon Network shows, “Adventure Time” and “The Regular Show: Slack Pack”. Not really “bonus” content, I guess, but they’re there if you have 10 minutes or so to waste.

At the end of the day, “Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets” is mostly a “buy it for the episodes, or don’t buy it” proposition. Fortunately, “Young Justice” has always been a very watchable show, and is probably the closest thing you’ll get to serialized storytelling in the world of Saturday morning cartoons. The animation is still pretty good, and the voice cast excellent. Seeing the D.C. Universe’s huge catalog of superheroes and villains coming and going throughout the season is a real treat, even if they sometimes show up for only a few seconds, such as during the “Revelation” episode. Over all, getting 14 of these 20-minute episodes in one disc sounds like a pretty good deal to me if you’re a fan of the show. I wonder if they’ll ever consider putting these out on Blu-ray, though. While the DVD quality is not bad, I gotta think a Blu-ray version would be simply outstanding. Who watches plain ol DVD anymore these days?

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Young Justice - Dangerous Secrets DVD Cover

Young Justice - Dangerous Secrets DVD Cover