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They’re young and they’re hungry for justice — they’re young justice! Ahem. The show isn’t nearly as silly as the title makes it sound, though. “Young Justice” on the Cartoon Network is actually a very good superhero show, with a great cast of characters and some outstanding comic book superhero action. Volume Two of the show’s Season One now arrives on DVD courtesy of Warner Home Video this October 25, 2011.

Animated DC Universe cartoon series for a new generation starring ROBIN, AQUALAD, KID FLASH, SUPERBOY, MISS MARTIAN and ARTEMIS . Combined these six teenage heroes are YOUNG JUSTICE the JUSTICE LEAGUE’s secret weapon against the forces of evil. Based out of THE CAVE, the teen heroes will take on under-the-radar missions that would be impossible for the League proper (with its incandescent star-power) to handle covertly. In addition, these kids are in constant training to take their place alongside the great heroes. RED TORNADO will be their supervisor; BLACK CANARY will be in charge of their training, and BATMAN will hand out their assignments. And of course, Young Justice will push their missions, often turning a simple assignment from Batman into something much larger, often discovering that what they’ve been tasked to do is just the tip of the iceberg.

Ever wondered what all those D.C. superhero sidekicks (and let’s face it, it seems like only D.C. has superhero sidekicks; I can’t even think of a Marvel superhero sidekick off the top of my head) do when they’re not out assisting their mentors in fighting crime? As it turns out, they have their own sidekick team, which works under the tutelage of their mentors (Batman being the most prominent), going on missions that the adults can’t for whatever reasons. The team consists of Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian, and Artemis. (The only name that probably doesn’t ring a bell is Artemis. She’s the chick with the bow, making her Green Arrow’s sidekick. The rest, you can probably figure out who their mentor is just by their name.)

“Young Justice” Season One, Volume Two collects four episodes (or episodes 5 through 9 in show chronology) of the first season, and includes “Schooled”, “Infiltrator”, “Denial”, and “Downtime”. “Schooled” is a Superboy-centric episode, though like most of “Young Justice”, the rest of the gang aren’t tossed aside, but are active in the episode’s main A plot. The episode culminates in a throwdown with an android named Amazo that can duplicate their powers, with Superboy learning to properly channel his inner hate. Hey, you’d be kind of messed up too if your hero refuses to acknowledge your existence. Green Arrow’s replacement sidekick, Artemis, gets the spotlight in “Infiltrator”, which finds the team going up against the dangerous League of Shadows. Can the girl with the bow hack it? My guess is yes.

Young Justice TV Series Image

Doctor Fate and Kid Flash get their episode in “Denial”, which finds the gang up against supervillains Abra Kadabra and Klarion, with Doctor Fate’s Helmet of Fate at stake. A somewhat silly episode, in that Kid Flash, a superhero who has probably fought aliens, other dimensional creatures, and all manner of shenanigans, apparently have issues believing in magic. A tad stretching it there, guys. “Downtown” finds the gang doing something other than fighting bad guys for a change, with Aqualad heading home under the sea for a little reflection. There are plenty of teen angst to be found here, more so than in previous episodes. Still, it’s fun to see the sidekicks doing something other than fighting supervillains for a change. Well, at least for a while.

Like the show as a whole, all four episodes included in the Season One, Volume Two disc are well-written, the voice work is spot-on, and the animation is beyond slick. The action flows well and the show is a great comic book come to life. There’s never anything too dark or depressing, so kids won’t be over their heads, but more adult fans will still find enough to keep them entertained. I like the fact that Robin is basically a younger version of Batman, though Aqualad is just so … un-Aqualad-like. With a name like that, you expect him to be some goofy kid. He’s not.

Since this is mostly a “holdover” DVD release, bonus features are limited. You get two trailers, one for the Cartoon Network “MAD” TV show and a trailer for the game “Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters”, plus language and subtitle options for French, Portuguese, and Spanish you non-English speaking types.

Buy “Young Justice – Season One, Volume Two” on DVD.

Young Justice Season 1 Volume 2 DVD

Young Justice Season 1 Volume 2 DVD

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  • Dedpool

    This is an absolutely amazing show! I watch it every week, and it his gets better and better. It’s exactly what I wanted ster both JLU and Teen Titans ended. Well written, great animation, and superb action. DC does it again. Can’t wait for the full season release. Later episodes are even better like “Homecoming,” “Alpha Male” and “Revelation.” Really digging this show and it its a great companion to the new “Thundercats”

  • Garygriffith03

    its about time that a show such as this finally gets some cartoon action.
    this show is better than alot of saturday morning cartoons that are on every saturday.