New on DVD/Blu-ray: Chuck The Complete Third Season

Someone up there must love “Chuck”. The genre fan favorite has been on the cusp of cancellation at the end of every single one of its three seasons, but it’s always managed to survive thanks to an enthusiastic fanbase. The third season of “Chuck” promises “no more nice spy”, and indeed, Chuck is a much more competent spy this time around. Though not that much more competent, since if you take away the average guy from the show, it wouldn’t be “Chuck” anymore, would it? “Chuck” Season Three now arrives on DVD and Blu-ray on September 7, 2010 from Warner Home Video.

No more Mr. Nice Spy! Chuck is back and he’s the Chuck you know: the hapless Nerd Herder hopelessly devoted to sexy super spy Sarah. And he’s the Chuck you don’t know: a master martial artist whose brain is locked and loaded with the new Intersect 2.0. How the two Chucks clash, bash and (sometimes) cooperate makes Season Three total, action-packed fun. More new stuff: A dashing rival (Brandon Routh) joins the team, someone from Chuck’s Buy More life discovers his secret and Chuck learns the spy biz can turn the nicest guy dark and dangerous. “For the last two years, we’ve protected Chuck from the world,” the General notes. “But now we have to protect the world from Chuck.”

Season 3 Review:

Season Three of “Chuck” sees major progress in the whole Chuck and Intersect 2.0 angle, in that Chuck can now access the information he needs on his missions, thus becoming more than just a sideline cheerleader when the action goes down. (Anyone ask for a kung fu fighting Chuck? How about one that swordfights with former wrestler Stone Cold?) The side effect of this new ability is Chuck’s burning desire for uber CIA babe Sarah, which sometimes gets in the way of him accessing the needed info. But hey, it’s Yvonne Strahovski, so can you blame the poor guy? He’s just a computer nerd that somehow got into spying and she’s a supermodel who somehow got into spying.

The third season features a number of guest stars to help and hinder Chuck on his missions and romance with Sarah. Superman himself Brandon Routh is the most significant in terms of storyline. Not to be outdone, another “Superman” Universe actor, “Smallville’s” Kristen Kreuk also recurs in a couple of episodes as a potential love interest. Other guest stars include Armand Assante and tough guy Vinnie Jones, who is amusing as a love-struck arms dealer. Former “Chuck” regular Julia Ling also makes a return appearance in one episode to tie up some loose ends.

I’ll say this about “Chuck”: it’s most definitely an acquired taste. It’s never really been on my list of must-see shows, but I have to admit, it’s got a charm about it that’s hard to resist once you give it an episode or two.

Blu-ray Special Features:

Chuck-Fu and Dim Sum: Becoming a spy guy

21 mins. Behind-the-scenes of “Chuck”, featuring interviews with the cast and crew and clips from the show. Basically, what makes “Chuck” the show and Chuck the spy guy tick.

The Jeffster Revolution: The definitive mockumentary

10 mins. A faux behind-the-scenes featurette featuring the Buy More Nerd Herd band “Jeffster”. Kinda like “This is Spinal Tap”, except with more nerds.

Declassified scenes

5 1/2 mins. Three unaired scenes from the season.

Gag reel

6 mins. Gags, flubs, and goofing around on set. Pretty standard stuff for a gag reel, though it’s interesting just how girly the uber tough Sarah is in real life. Go figure.

“Chuch” Season Three is available on DVD/Blu-ray September 7, 2010 from Warner Home Video.