New on DVD/Blu-ray: Doctor Who The Complete Fifth Series

The Doctor is back! As, er, Matt Smith. Yup, there’s a new Doctor in town, and he’s played by Matt Smith, who steps into the Time Lord’s shoes for adventure, snappy comebacks, and all manner of alien and monster fightin’. And if there’s a new Doctor, of course there must be a new companion. (In with the new, out with the old, and all that.) The lovely Karen Gillan steps into the go-go boots and oh-so-flirty short skirts of one Amy Pond, the Doctor’s latest traveling buddy in the show’s fifth series, now out on DVD and Blu-ray from BBC Warner.

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan star as the new Doctor and his companion in an all-new series of Doctor Who coming to DVD and Blu-ray. After his explosive regeneration, the Eleventh Doctor awakes to discover his TARDIS is about to crash! After falling from the sky, he pulls himself out of the wreckage to come face-to-face with young Amy Pond. The Doctor promises to take Amy to the stars. But first they must divert an alien plot that could destroy the Earth. The Doctor makes good his promise, and Amy boards the regenerated TARDIS, ready to take to the stars on a series of wild adventures that will change her life. As always, wherever the Doctor goes, his oldest enemies, the Daleks, are never far behind. They are hatching a new master plan from the heart of war-torn London in the 1940s. But they are not the only strange creatures the Doctor and Amy must face ? there are also alien vampires, humanoid reptiles, the Weeping Angels, and a silent menace that follows Amy and the Doctor around wherever they go.

Fifth Series Review:

Honestly, you can’t be a fan of time travel science fiction without loving even the most average episode of “Doctor Who”, and the show is by no means average when it comes to messing around with the timeline for entertainment purposes. The Blu-ray Complete Fifth Series has the distinction of being the first full season of the show released on Blu-ray and the first to be captured in high-definition, making it perfect for Blu-ray presentation. It looks bloody fantastic, as the Brits would say.

The package (featuring a snazzy holographic cover) comes in a six disc box, with the first five discs containing all 13 episodes, and the sixth disc containing a “Doctor Who Confidential” featurette, which takes apart each and every episode from the season, as well as all the episode teasers and trailers.

The season kicks off in fine form with “The Eleventh Hour”, which cleverly explains how a young but spunky little girl named Amy Pond came to know of the existence of the Doctor. Let’s just say that police box of his really, really gets around. Now all grown up and still quite spunky (and played by Karen Gillan), adult Amy Pond’s life is turned upside down when the Doctor returns into her life about the same time alien UFOs arrives on Earth searching for something very, very bad, and they’re willing to vaporize all of Earth to get their man. Or, er, their thing.

There are some hits and misses in the season, as there always are in a season’s worth of any show, but when it gets it right, “Doctor Who” really hits it out of the park. Highlights include the return of the Daleks in “Victory of the Daleks”, which also features an appearance from Winston Churchill. Those damn creepy as all get-out Weeping Angels return once again in the two-parter “The Time of Angels” and “Flesh and Stone”. I dare you to witness these freaks of nature and look at a stone statue the same way ever again. There are some clunkers, too, including “The Hungry Earth” and “Cold Blood”, and the UK-on-a-ship “The Beast Below” had a lot of promise.

My favorite episode by far has to be “The Lodger”, which posits the Doctor as that roommate. You know, that guy. All the hints and little side nuggets that the show has been dropping since “The Eleventh Hour” all come to a head in the two-parter finale, “The Pandorica Opens” and “The Big Bang”, which puts the Universe, of course, in need of saving once again by the good Doctor. What’s a grand Doctor finale without the fate of the Universe at stake?

If you’re new to the Doctor Who universe, I recommend giving this latest incarnation a shot. Even if you weren’t inclined to follow the other Doctors before him, Matt Smith as the easily excitable, and yet surprisingly full of bravo Time Lord is very easy to like. And yes, Karen Gillan as his companion is very easy on the eyes. Hey, I know the Doctor and his sonic screwdriver can deliver plenty of solid entertainment value by themselves, but it’s always nice to have spunky eye candy like Gillan running around in a short skirt.

Blu-ray Special Features:

  • Meanwhile in the Tardis: Newly filmed scenes written by Steven Moffat, exclusive to DVD and Blu-ray, telling what happens between the episodes
  • Doctor Who Confidential: An inside look at each episode
  • Monster Files: Get under the skin and inside the minds of the new Doctor’s most challenging opponents
  • In-vision commentaries
  • Outtakes
  • Video diaries

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