New on DVD/Blu-ray: Fringe Season Two

Post-“X-Files”, TV shows don’t get anymore “out there” than FOX’s “Fringe”, from producer J.J. Abrams, what with its mysteries, parallel realities, and not one, but two Anna Torv to satisfy those Anna Torv cravings. The second season of the freaky deaky TV show is now available on DVD and Blu-ray from Warner Home Video.

“Most exciting drama around right now. Unfailingly amazing cast and dialogue.” – Rob Sheffield, ROLLING STONE

Return to explore the boundaries of a mysterious mythology that holds millions of viewers in its hypnotic grasp. Season 2 of Fringe contains worlds (and alternate worlds) of excitement complete with shape shifters, cryonic heads, belly-dwelling beasts and people who turn to ashes before our eyes. But the overarching narrative takes three clandestine FBI agents – Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop and Walter Bishop – through a mind-bending investigation of a parallel reality that threatens to destroy ours. The impossible is here in a series that offers “the most satisfying, coherent story arc of any science-fiction-flavored primetime drama” (Mike Hale, The New York Times).

Season Two Review:

Alternate universe what? That’s the order of the day (or should I say, season) as season two of “Fringe” returns to delve more and more into the series’ concept of two realities — the one we know, and that “other” one.

In-between the usual creatures of the week episodes, mysterious shape shifters, and troublesome science tinkerin’, a major revelation involving one of the three primary castmembers come to light and drives much of the season’s second half. FBI Special Agent Olivia (Anna Torv) tangles with herself in more ways than one, and the threesome finally make the leap “over there” in the season’s final two episodes.

Over the top and far-fetched? Most definitely. Great fun? Oh hell yes. I do recommend dipping into Season One first before tackling Season Two, though, as the show’s mythology is not for noobs. Then again, there is a featurette on the DVD called “The Mythology of Fringe” that does a serviceable job of filling in some gaps if you’re coming into the show cold.

Season Two features notable appearances by “Star Trek” alum Leonard Nimoy as Walter’s old lab buddy Bell and Sebastian Roché as shapeshifting baddie Newton, who continues to be a thorn in the Fringe team’s side. We are also finally introduced to Peter’s mother, played by actress Orla Brady.

Blu-ray Special Features:

The Unearthed Episode
43 mins. The full Season 1 episode that was never aired. Now you can find out what you’ve been missing.

The Mythology of Fringe
26 mins. “What is Fringe?” This featurette answers that question by recapping the events of the first season in order to lay out the road map for the second season and beyond.

In the Lab with John Noble and Prop Master Rob Smith
6 mins. Rob Smith and John Noble take a tour of the various props that have popped up in the show so far. Okay, so Noble takes the tour while Smith explains how the stuff works. Funny to see Noble act all tourist-y.

Unusual Side Effects: Gag Reel
3 1/2 mins. Flubs, jokes, gags, and Anna Torv making a neverending series of faces and Lance Reddick wanting “one more time” from the season.

Commentary on 4 Episodes by Series Stars and Creative Team

Fringe: Analyzing the Scene Sidebars on 6 Key Episodes

Dissected Files: Unaired Scenes

Get “Fringe” Season Two on DVD or Blu-ray now.