New on DVD/Blu-ray: Going the Distance (2010)

Real-life couple Drew Barrymore and Justin Long (they’re still together, right? someone call TMZ to verify and don’t get back to me) stars in a romantic comedy about two people trying to keep their relationship alive over long distances while their buddies do goofier and wacky things like give out bad advices, etc. Hey, it’s a romcom, that’s how they roll. “Going the Distance” is now available on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD, On Demand, and for Download from Warner Home Video.

Erin (Drew Barrymore) and Garrett (Justin Long) strike sparks for a summer fling in New York City but neither expects it to last once Erin heads home to San Francisco and Garrett remains behind for his Big Apple job. But after six romantic weeks, neither is sure they want it to end. So despite opposing coasts, naysaying friends and family and unexpected temptations, the couple just might have found something like love. And helped by a lot of texting, sexting and late-night phone calls, they might actually go the distance.

Movie Review:

Young professionals Erin (Drew Barrymore) and Garrett (Justin Long) meet cute, and after a night of sex, agrees to keep their relationship casual. They’re both trying to get somewhere, though not quite sure where, and a relationship is the last thing on their minds. This works out fine for both of them — until it doesn’t anymore, of course. But the world doesn’t stop for them, and work demands their time, eventually splitting them between the two coasts. Will these two crazy kids make it in today’s busy-body world of sexting and casual hook-ups? Probably not, but this is a movie, so yeah, chances are pretty good.

“Going the Distance” is the feature film directorial debut of Nanette Burstein, and she does a nice job of keeping the film funny and endearing, with always just the right amounts of gags and drama. As with most romcoms, the supporting cast usually makes or breaks the film. Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, and Christina Applegate offer up the sidekick laughs, with Applegate as Erin’s protective sister being particularly excellent. Jim Gaffigan is also hilarious, but then again, everything this guy does is hilarious to me. Barrymore and Long keep it mostly straight, and there is obvious chemistry between the two, thanks to their real-life hook-up.

As romcoms go, “Going the Distance” has plenty of laughs (phone sex is always hilarious when you really think about the entire silly concept) and heartfelt moments. Of course, it’s also entirely predictable, but then again, you probably already expected that when you heard the label “romcom” being applied to the film. It’s certainly a mass-marketed product, so taken in that regard, it does what it sets out to do, thanks to two charming leads and a healthy dose of sidekick chuckles.

Special Features:

  • How to Have the Perfect Date: 7:51 mins. The cast discusses dating, aka the girls talk seriously about dating, while the boys crank out bad pick-up lines and crack sex jokes.
  • A Guide to Long-Distance Dating: 7:57 mins. The cast and crew offers insights about long-distance dating. Pay attention and you might learn something. Or, er, not.
  • The Cast of Going the Distance: Off the Cuff: 4:19 mins. Adlibs from the movie from the cast. Not too memorable, though anything that gives me more Jim Gaffigan is a winner.
  • Commentary by director Nanette Burstein: Full-length audio commentary with Burstein. I’m normally not a big fan of director commentaries, they’re usually very dry and technical, which may be something you want from, say, a heavily sci-fi movie, but not so much with a romcom. Fortunately, Burnstein is very easy to listen to, though it’s too bad they didn’t have anyone else for her to bounce off.
  • The Boxer Rebellion “If You Run” music video: 3:25 mins. Self-explanatory. The band isn’t my cup of tea, so it’s essentially like watching highlights from the movie intercut with the band’s performance. Nothing too exciting.
  • Behind the Scenes of the Going the Distance soundtrack: 2:27 mins. A short look at the making of the movie’s soundtrack, featuring a more in-depth look at the boys in the band The Boxer Rebellion.
  • Additional scenes: 12: 48mins.A half dozen deleted scenes, with the funniest involving Garrett’s buddies daydreaming about taking over his apartment if he should blow his brains out.

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