New on DVD/Blu-ray: Jonah Hex (2010)


Audiences didn’t much cotton to Jonah Hex’s ugly brand of law and his blood feud with Quentin Turnbull when “Jonah Hex” hit theaters earlier this year. Yes, even the abundant, ahem, “charms” of Megan Fox and her saloon wench wardrobe couldn’t bring in the kiddies. Lucky for you, what you missed in theaters, you can now catch up in the comfort of your couch because “Jonah Hex” has ridden onto Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD, On Demand, and for Download from Warner Home Video.

Out of the pages of the legendary comics and graphic novels steps Jonah Hex (Josh Brolin), a scarred drifter and bounty hunter of last resort. Jonah’s past catches up with him when the U.S. military offers to wipe out the warrants on his head if he hunts and stop dangerous terrorist Quentin Turnbull (John Malkovich).

Movie Review:

Movies about a cowboy with a scarred face who goes around plugging bad guys isn’t supposed to be taken seriously. Good luck trying to tell today’s audiences that. Could it have been better? Oh sure, it could have been lots better, but Jimmy Hayward’s live-action “Jonah Hex” is not an altogether bad fantasy Western.

Josh Brolin is surprisingly endearing as the scarred bounty hunter, and Megan Fox is equally appealing (ahem) as saloon prostitute/Hex’s sometimes girlfriend Lilah. And John Malkovich as the heavy is perfect casting. Supporting turns by Will Arnett as one of those bureaucratic soldiers with his head up his ass, Aidan Quinn as President Grant, and Michael Fassbender as Burke, Turnbull’s tattooed henchman round out the breezy cast.

Given its comic book roots, it’s surprising that so many people expected so much from “Jonah Hex”. As his first live-action feature film, director Jimmy Hayward acquits himself quite well. He seems to “get” the inherently illogical nature of the character and the revisionist Western history of the story. Or at least, “Jonah Hex” never comes across as more than what it is, and in that respect the film is surprisingly entertaining.

DVD Review:

My review copy was a standard DVD, and it comes with three deleted scenes, essentially the full extent of the disc’s special features. The scenes total about five minutes of spare footage, including a pretty superfluous one with Megan Fox in a stagecoach being hit on by a drunken loudmouth. The other two are Jonah Hex-centric, with one featuring an alternate take on Hex’s “recruitment” by the U.S. Army.

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  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    Alot of people compared this to “Wild Wild West,” was it better than that? Same? If you’ve seen the animated short, does this do the character justice?

    • Nix

      Haven’t seen the short, but for my money it’s better that WWW. At the very least, it’s not as overwhelmingly generic as WWW, which wants you to believe a black guy is running around the West and no one seems to notice his color. Whatever.

      • Dedpool aka Jiinx

        LOL. Yeah that was MY biggest issue with it too. It wasn’t the escapist fantasy or the script, but the fact that the ONLY scene where it’s acknowledged really it’s just a big joke. I did however love Smith and Branagh going back and forth insulting each other.

    • Anonymous

      Haven’t seen the short either, but the movie is definitely better than “WWW”, even if it feels much lower rent. However, I freaking hate “WWW.” I was surprised that the movie wasn’t as bad as the bad box office and press suggested. It’s not the worst rental out there at the moment but it felt like the victim of editing and interference. It seems rushed and a few details are sped through (Hex’s Indian connection) or ignored altogether (how does the Macguffin super weapon work exactly?). It also feels like a borderline R movie that was toned down for the PG-13 rating. Weirdly, Megan Fox’s face is digitally “airbrushed” in many shots making her look like one of the ladies in the “Sucker Punch” character posters.

    • Brandonstodd

      The film was in many ways decent. Overall the acting was definitive and not shortsighted but the actors efforts were completely destroyed by the awful unsympathetic storyline that drew absolutely zero emotion from the audience on the behalf of Hex. The film is far too short and lax in its function. But if you have an unbiased eye for entertainment and you like seeing Josh Brolin kick ass, i suggest you see Jonah Hex.

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    ANYONE who hasn’t seen the short (which is currently on “Batman:Under The Red Hood” which is worth it in and of itself, and will be on the upcoming “Superman/Shazam:Return of Black Adam Showcase Compilation in extended form on Nov. 9) really should as it’s very well written and just fantastic to watch, as are all the Showcase shorts. It’s a true spaghetti western and the movie should’ve been played as such. Even if they wanted to add the mystical powers thing there was still much more to it than what was put on screen.

    • Anonymous

      Just caught it on YouTube. Thomas Jane would’ve been good in live-action, too

      • Dedpool aka Jiinx

        Yeah he would. Google-image Thomas Jane as Jonah Hex. He had a make up artist do him up n sent it in to DC cause he really wanted the part. Guess animated was their “consolation prize.”

  • frog212

    Nope, I have to say Wild Wild West was better than this boring piece of crap.