New Photos from Jonathan Glendenning’s Horror/Comedy Strippers vs. Werewolves

Strippers have battled a wide variety of foes over the years, so it’s only natural that they would eventually lock cinematic horns with villains of the lycanthrope variety. Truthfully, I think it was inevitable. Below you’ll find a series of images from director Jonathan Glendenning’s forthcoming horror/comedy “Strippers vs. Werewolves,” a film which will find its way into the North American market courtesy of Well Go USA. When will the picture be released, you ask? I’m not entirely sure, but chances are it will hit before the end of the year.

Don’t remember this one? Fix that problem immediately:

EANETTE, the club’s careworn owner, believes murdering customers is bad for business, so she orders the club’s bouncer to quietly dispose of the body. And there the matter should end … if Mickey hadn’t been a member of a bloodthirsty and vengeful pack of werewolves. When Mickey’s corpse surfaces, JACK FERRIS, the werewolves’ charming and vicious leader, swears bloody vengeance and sends his pack out to hunt down the killers. Little does he know, Justice is actually the fiancée of his second in command, SCOTT. To make matters worse, Justice bites Scott during sex and now may be infected with the curse of lycanthropy herself.

Add to the mix werewolf BARKER, the masturbating man-child SINCLAIR, the occultist with low self-esteem and a bevy of the most beautiful women this side of heaven and you have the perfect recipe for balls to the wall, frenetic, skimpily clad, strippers on werewolves action-packed goodness.

STRIPPERS vs. WEREWOLVES – stripping has never been this hairy.

The aforementioned photos, as well as the previously-released trailer, can be found below this cluster of random words and poorly-constructed sentences. Take a look if you’re not too busy.

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