New Pics from Law Abiding Citizen and Salt

Yahoo! Movies has a couple of pics from the thriller “Law Abiding Citizen” that may or may not be new. I haven’t seen them before, so I’m going with new. They’re said to be behind-the-scenes pics, but they also look very polish, so none of that telephoto stuff. Also, there are some new pics of Angelina Jolie and Liev Schreiber on the set of their new spy thriller “Salt”. Looks like Angie’s got her hands full with the NYPD.

In “Salt”, Jolie plays a CIA agent who is accused of being a Russian spy, forcing her to flee and try to prove her innocence. This, apparently, involves lots of wigs.

In “Law Abiding Citizen”, Gerard Butler is an Everyday guy who decides to take out his frustrations with the justice system on the city and the District Attorney (played by Jamie Foxx) who struck a plea bargain to free his wife’s killers.

Behind-the-scenes pics via Yahoo! Movies. Click on the pics to visit their movie galleries for more.