New Pics: Green Lantern Poster and Spider-Man New York Set Images


A couple of superhero-themed images for the weekend. The first is a new poster for “Green Lantern” starring Ryan Reynolds, again featuring the bad boys of the Green Lantern. Or, er, the good boys, I guess you’d call them, being the good guys and all. There are also some set images from the New York shoot of Marc Webb’s “The Amazing Spider-Man”, aka the Spidey reboot starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Check them both out below.

Thanks to reader Blk Flash for the heads up.

The Corp. strikes another pose. (Via SuperheroHype)

After filming in Los Angeles and giving us our first glimpse of Garfield as Spidey, the production moves over to New York, where the film is set. Looks like everyone’s favorite Goblin may be making an appearance after all, or at least, a cameo appearance. (Via ComingSoon, Rafael Javier, Just Jared)

Author: Nix

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  • Schmuck

    Andrew Garfield is really starting to look like Steve Ditko and Stan Lee’s Peter Parker, this film could be one of the greatest comic book adaptations ever, i am so keeping my eye on the development of this film!!

    • Dedpool

      Dunno about greatest based on just the look of Garfield as Parker, but its definitely a step in the right direction. I will hold judgment til a trailer comes out though. One thing that needs to be in this is the duality of Peter. How when he’s not in the suit he’s still a bit shy and awkward but as Spidey he’s confident and is quippy to cover up his nervousness and to throw his enemies off their game.

      • Schmuck

        They had better make this Spiderman really sarcastic and all that, we dn’t want a serious dark knight’ish Spidey, we want a spectacular spiderman like one. Gotta say though, i am enjoying Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy ;)

  • Lexavi80

    Green Lantern poster looks painted.

  • Ironfist fan# rogernator5000

    Although I love Emma Stone, and am thrilled to have her in a superhero movie, I think she looks a bit evil, and I’m pretty sure Gwen Stacy isn’t evil, although the only spidey girlfriend I’ve ever seen in comics and movie is Mary Jane. I just don’t want them to kill Emma Stone, she is too cute!