New Pics: Law Abiding Citizen, The Stepfather

Crazy dads strike in today’s latest new pics post, including fresh new looks at the Gerard Butler-Jamie Foxx action thriller “Law Abiding Citizen” (“Get ready to root for the bad guy!” should be the film’s motto) and the horror remake of “The Stepfather”, which is unfortunately Rated PG-13, so don’t expect any gore-filled kills, you horror nuts you. “Citizen” co-stars Leslie Bibb, Jamie Foxx, Josh Stewart, Regina Hall, Bruce McGill, Christian Stolte, Viola Davis, Colm Meaney, and Michael Kelly. “The Stepfather” is fronted by Penn Badgley, Amber Heard, Christopher Meloni, Sela Ward, Dylan Walsh, Jason Wiles, Jon Tenney, Sherry Stringfield, Skyler Samuels, and Braeden Lemasters.

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