New Poster and Images from GP 506

For the longest time, I always thought of the upcoming South Korean horror movie “GP 506” as a ghost movie, when instead it’s … a zombie movie? That’s what it’s starting to sound like. Which, if you were wondering, I’m liking even more. Because let’s face it, how many more movies about haunted buildings and cursed inanimate objects can one really take before swearing off the Asian horror movie industry altogether? Exactly. More about “GP 506”, including a new poster and images below.

Here is the very zombie-esque plot description (via):

The plot concerns Guard Point 506, where an entire squad of soldiers have been killed in mysterious circumstances, bar one survivor who’s in a coma. Military Investigators are dispatched to the base, and discover they’re dealing with a virus that turns humans into ravenous flesh-eating killers!

Poster and new images:

GP 506 (2008) Movie

GP 506 (2008) Movie Images GP 506 (2008) Movie Images GP 506 (2008) Movie Images GP 506 (2008) Movie Images GP 506 (2008) Movie Images