New Poster for Once Upon a Time in Vietnam Stands Tall (and Heavily Armed)

Once Upon a Time in Vietnam (2013) Movie Poster

There’s supposed to be a new trailer for Dustin Nguyen’s martial arts flick “Once Upon a Time in Vietnam” out very soon, but until then, check out a new poster for the film, which makes it look like it’s some kind of post-apocalyptic fantasy epic. I honestly had no idea that was the case, I thought it was just a traditional period actioner. Hunh.

The film is directed by Nguyen, who also stars along with Roger Yuan (the Fiendish Dr. Wu himself) and Thanh Van Ngo as the love interest. Nguyen co-starred with Ngo in “The Rebel”, the first big Vietnamese film I ever saw him in. He played the villain in that one, ironically enough.

Nguyen is in full hero mode here, though. Originally titled “Monk on Fire” (a much better title if you ask me), “Once Upon a Time in Vietnam” is due in Vietnamese cinemas later this year on August 22, 2013. As with past Vietnamese movies like the aforementioned “The Rebel” and “The Clash”, I’m guessing Stateside fans will have to wait a tad for the DVD/Blu-ray import.

Until then…

Once Upon a Time in Vietnam (2013) Movie Poster

Via : Lee Mason