New Posters for Dark Tide and Osombie

Halle Berry slips on a bikini for the first official poster for director John Stockwell’s “Dark Tide”, which is due out On Demand March 8th and in limited release March 30th. Basically direct-to-DVD. Remember the days when Halle Berry in a bikini would have guaranteed a wide theatrical release? Oh well.

Here’s the teaser trailer in case you missed it:

Dark Tide (2012) Movie Poster

Meanwhile, here’s a new poster for director John Lyde’s “Osombie”, his Osama Bin Laden zombie movie that’s getting lots and lots of airplay recently even among the mainstream press. Lyde is the director of a little-known, low-budget action movie called “The Eleventh Hour” from a few years ago that I thought was pretty good, especially given the (lack of) resources he had to work with. Here’s hoping “Osombie” becomes the cult hit that he needs to make bigger productions.

More “Osombie” goodness can be unearthed at the film’s Facebook page, and here’s the awesome trailer in case you missed it:

Osombie (2012) Movie Poster