New Posters for Prisoners, The Canyon, and Strike Back Season 3

Today brings us a trio of new posters, for those of you who enjoy looking at new posters. For those of you who don’t, no worries, just go ahead and skip to the next post.

Up first, here’s Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman in an intense new poster for Denis Villeneuve’s intense new crime drama “Prisoners”. I hear this thing is intense.

Prisoners (2013) Movie Poster

Up next, Lindsay Lohan stars in the Shannon Tweed role in what looks like a throwback poster for Paul Schrader’s “The Canyon”. What is this, the ’90s all over again? I think this is on purpose, though. Right? It’s on purpose? Hopefully.

The Canyons (2013) Movie Poster

And finally, the best action-packed show on TV returns with its Season 3 this August. Here’s a new, very cool poster for the Cinemax show “Strike Back”, cause the world is definitely not saving itself, dammit. Sometimes you gotta shoot it up and blow it up to save it.

Strike Back Season 3 Poster