New Posters for Seventh Son and 300: Rise of an Empire

Warner Bros. continues their onslaught of movie character posters, this time featuring Ben Barnes in “Seventh Son” and Rodrigo Santoro in “300: Rise of an Empire”.

Yes, the seventh son of “Seventh Son” finally gets his own character poster. Which is odd. You’d think Barnes would be one of the first, if not THE first to get his own “Seventh” poster, but nope, that honor went to Jeff Bridges. But then three other characters in “Seventh Son” got their own posters before ol Benny! What’s up with that? Who knows.

Here’s Ben Barnes in “Seventh Son”:

Ben Barnes in Seventh Son (2013) Movie Poster

The studio has also released a new poster for “300: Rise of an Empire”, featuring Xerxes himself, once again played by Rodrigo Santoro. He joins Jack O’Connell, Sullivan Stapleton, and Queen Gorgo as characters that have gotten their own “300” character poster so far. Still waiting for Eva Green to get hers…

Rodrigo Santoro in 300 Rise of An Empire (2014) Movie Poster